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Ina team the way each individual team member carries himself/ herselfis crucial to the success of that team. Everyone must do his job anddo it diligently. Each activity is crucial fo r the team to moveforward. In addition, all members of the team should work as if theywere a wheel and the team is the vehicle. In this without theirperformance the team would not move at all. Lastly, for a betterteam, not only the team should be striving forward but also each teammember must also be exercising his potential and move forward aswell. The team should provide a good and favorable condition for eachmember to grow for it to have been said to be effective.

Withthis in mind, my team is just as described above. Every of our teammember worked to his best. My growth, as contributed by the team, isthat I have become better than I was before. My self-confidence hasgone up and am no longer behind my electronics gadgets but alsointeracting with people. The communication flow in the team was verygood. This has made me be a better communicator in the work. Althoughin class am still a bit shy, and don’t participate a lot. I feelthat I am not as I was before. The development of a good attitude iskey. In this, my attitude changed from being a partially pessimistic,like having doubts about my team, to being an optimistic person andbelieving in my team completely.

Ourteam’s performance was so good that we won the BEAR innovationcompetition. The competition was about coming up with an idea tosolve a problem. I this my work was to collect data. Where I mingledwith people to know to what extent our ideas would need to bedeveloped.


Myperformance and preparation for class activity would be assessed byhow much I have progressed in them. My performance in class is one ofthe best methods to show my preparedness and contribution to theclass activities. I did my best to ensure that I fully participatedinn the class activities and discussion. For example, I fullyparticipated in the teams’ activity in which our performance washighly commended on. In the discussions also I was fully attentiveand participating to give relevant points and also hear what myfellow colleagues were to say. In preparation, I ensured that I knewthe class time table well. In addition, I knew where all the classwould be and what he classes needed before attending them. Like priorreading for me to understand well the lectures of the class. Even inthe discussion, the information needed to be first researched thenpresented. This I did very well, in order to ensure that I got thebest from them. Given this factors I would say that in this course myperformance is very good.

Thejourney to being an effective manager is usually long and complex.However, in this course I have learned some methods that enable me toone effective manager. Two of the ways in which I have adopted are


Ingood management, the manager must be involved. It may be in managingin any kind of activity, but it must be, so the objectives are met.Like in the reading “sketch of manners”, the artist in our case amanager must be involved and consider at what rate is the worldchanging. This change calls for an equal speed in execution of theartists/ managers moves and ideas. In addition, the value of themanager’s work will depend on how much effort he has put in tobetter it. It is by this that a manager is able to express himself Ihis work. By his level of participation which is determined by himotivation is what his work will simply be judged upon. Will it bejust another management job? Or will be a fulfillment of themanagers’ dreams? What he had ordained in his plans. For that’sthe reason an artist who paints, can be described as a poet ornovelist by his work.

Inour team our participation is what made us achieve the number oneposition. Since in this activity, the BEAR innovation competition,one of the greatest requirements is to be involved in the activities.Most of the times, it requires firsthand experience. In this one ofthe requirements of the challenge is to be present.

Additionally,for effectiveness in performance and attaining of the desired gradesone is need to be present in class. It is mandatory to attendclasses. Participation in discussions too is needed for them to beeffective. Hence for learning to occur one must be fully present i.e.participating.

·Good relationships

Relationshipsare some of the things we long for the most in order to propelourselves forward. In this, for effective management it is mandatoryto maintain good relationships with everyone involved for our worksto be successful. In class activities, a good relation is requiredfor the class to be able to learn. A lecturer should maintain a goodrelation to the students for them to accept his teachings. On theother hand, a student must maintain a good relation with the lecturerto avoid being kicked out of class and give poor grades.

Indoing the BEAR innovation competition, we had to maintain a very goodrelationship within the team. For each member to work effectively, hemust not feel pressured or overburdened by the other members. Inthis, it requires a level of understanding and communication.Therefore, a good relation needs to be maintained for success.

Lastlyin the reading of “the sketch of manners”, it is evident that thepainter needs to maintain a good relation with his tools to form thedesired feature. He must also maintain a relation with the world toknow what rate he must perform his duties. In addition, by keeping aneye on the relations of the cost and method he can choose the bestway to perform his craft.

Inconclusion, by this two specific ways the effectiveness of a managercan be attained. In addition, the preparedness, contribution, andparticipation of a student can be measured by what he has learnt andhow best he can apply it. For example coming up as number one in acompletion. In this document, my assessment have been out in place. Ihave done my best to show what I have learnt in class.